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Brandon Boyer

An independent game advocate since 2004, Brandon Boyer has worked in the media at outlets including Edge magazine, Gamasutra, and Boing Boing, where he co-founded its iconic blog Offworld. That role led him to a five-year stint as the Chairman of the Independent Games Festival, and the launch of his own videogame brand, Venus Patrol. Through Venus Patrol, he has curated exhibitions with institutions like LA's Museum of Contemporary Art and La Gaîté lyrique in Paris, and co-hosted a series of wildly popular videogame parties (now known simply as 'That Party') at the Game Developers Conference.
Currently, Boyer is president of the Austin, TX independent games collective JUEGOS RANCHEROS, which has hosted monthly public videogame events since 2011. The collective also organizes Fantastic Arcade — its flagship annual festival — which has showcased the best in beautiful and artistic games since 2010.