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Andy Powers

Andy Powers is a coach, coder, business builder, andentrepreneurial philanthropist.  Inspired by the presence of bigproblems and inevitability of simple solutions, he has spent hiscareer designing the future. Hes an avid basketball fan and at anearly age played at a very high level leading to multiplescholarship offers out of high school.Andy began building computers in high school and as hisbasketball career stalled due to injuries he began hisentrepreneurial endeavors in college with RCSI. The companywas at the beginning of the Cloud Computing revolution and wasinstrumental in the inception of web based applications and thecreation of NFUSE (acquired by Citrix).After RCSI, Andy was a part of a number of startups both asinvestor and founder and in 2003 he founded Reggie Software.With Reggie, Andy built protocols to allow for HTML enabled appsand first became engaged with Roy Feldings Representationalstate transfers (REST API). Andy found himself obsessed with theinformation sharing possibilities that were made available by theAPI, specifically in the communications industry.  Inspired toenable project teams to communicate more efficiently, Andy soldReggie to Blue Phoenix Solutions (MDSYF), and teamed up withtwo communications experts to start CommuniClique in 2006.The company began with a product focus with a vision to connectdistributed teams on demand. In 2008 CommuniClique spun outthe product (which became known as Speek, (acquired by Jive))and pivoted its focus to the REST API strategy and the new visionof connecting people to conversations that matter began to takeform. Today, the company is a world leader in enterprisecollaboration, and helped pioneer both the CPaaS space, and theAPI economy as a whole.  Clique currently delivers 500mmminutes a month of seamless voice solutions, and 9 petabytes ofChata, to its 3000 enterprise customers.
 Andy oversees Clique’s overall operations, but, especially enjoyscreating the future of communication at CliqueLabs, and focusingon an innovative wellness program for the company’s employeesand partners.  He has also developed the TWO-EIGHT- Oinitiative – a platform to give the 28mins/day that we all wastewaiting for conference calls back to the 2.8bn people withoutconnectivity.  280’s first initiative is a system for the world’s 60mmdisplaced to seamlessly connect with their each other, their lovedones, and aid workers. Concurrently, Andy is a founding partner of Sabotage Institute - aDC based startup laboratory focused on building the future bybreaking the conventions of the present.  An avid tech investor,Andy has participated in the early rounds of 100s of companies;including Uber, GroupMe, and ArmorText through his investmentoffice, Empower Investments as well LP relationships withmultiple funds.  He is also director of the Empower Foundation,through which he invests in organizations that promote efficientgovernance, unencumbered communication, universal humandignity, and his under-connected neighbors in DC metro area. Andy lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, five kids, horse, andtwo dogs.  He has run over 20 marathons, trains daily with aprofessional boxer, and spends much of his spare time makingfunny tee shirts for friends, or coding.  His only allergy is toPatagonia vests.

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